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Become a leader on the market with IT Consulting services from Inter Astra.

What is a Business Phone system?

The telephonic services are now progressing, too, and the communications are going to the next level. The connection with the client can be done by phone, video calls, messages, voice messages, and more.

To keep all these means of communication organized, you should obtain a good telephonic service company that will help you with the phone management system. Today the systems that can manage all the telephonic means are called Unified Communications (UC).

Inter Astra cooperates with the best UC providers worldwide. Depending on the industry you work with and your requirements, we will help you to choose the provider and give you a customized ser vice that will fully satisfy your needs.

Business Phone Systems that you can obtain with Inter Astra

With Inter Astra, you can obtain a cloud based telephonic system that will make your work much simpler and safer. Get to know the services we o ffer you and choose the best one for you

Cloud Call Center

Obtain a Cloud Contact Center platform with all the variety of services included. The platform gives you contact center cervices with 500 agents. Apart, you have automated services such as Call Q ueuer and Distributor, Interactive Voice Response, and Call Recording.

The administrative services are fully under your control and all the technical questions will be solved by our specialists.

Audio and Video Conferencing

Improve the communications with your clients by Video and Audio Conferencing. From now on, your employees will be able to communicate with clients by phone, laptop, computer, or tablet. It also gives your team an opportunity to work remotely from any part of the world.

Inter Astra provides you with a full range of services that will include software provision and technical support.

Team Collaboration

Be closer to your coworkers and make your work collaborative. With an interactive collaboration system, you will be able to share t he information, work screens, make presentations, or make meetings with all the employees at the same time.

Team Collaboration software will help you to make your work more interesting and progressive, and your employees will have more comfortable work conditions.

Hosted VoIP Communications

Perform the communications with the help of Hosted VoIP services. With this service, you don't need telephonic equipment anymore because all the communication with the clients is done by your PC or laptop with the help of our cloud service.

Enjoy comfortable communication with your clients without any limits. With us, you can communi-cate locally, long long-distance, and internationally.

Benefits of a Business Phone System

Organizing communication with your clients and partners is the best thing that you can do for your business. Today exist a lot of ways of communication and, it is important t o be able to manage all of them at the same time, which often can be very challenging.

Inter Astra found the solution to this problem. With our Unified Communications platform, you can supervise all the communication systems in one place. Moreover, o ur company will take care of the installation and technical assistance.

So, what benefits will bring you a Business Phone System?


The work of employees will become much more organized when they will have an opportunity to interact constantly.


The UC system will help your workers to work effectively even if they work remotely or have different schedules.

User experience

With a UC system, your customers will always be satisfied, which will help your business to grow way faster.


It is not a secret that a good communication system will make the work more comfortable and, therefore, more productive.

Lower costs

Save your time and money using a single platform where you can fully manage the communication with clients.

Reaching goals

Reach your goals easily with the right planning and management tools. With our UC platform, it will be easy to do.

What features provide a UC system?

Unified Communications is a system that gives your employees a new opportunity to perform all the communication online just with their phone, tablet, or laptop. With the UC platform, you will get a list of helping features that will make your work more productive.

  • Voice calls
  • Video calls and conferences
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Desktop sharing
  • Instant messaging

How do I obtain the Inter Astra Business Phone systems?

Inter Astra focuses on the delivery of quality services to every client. That is why each one of our cases is going through several steps of service performance.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Defining your needs

First of all, you have to define the goal you have to reach with our telephonic services. It can be focused on the communication between the employees with clients or business partners, or even all together.

Tell us about your company

Give us basic information about your company and the situation that you have with communications. This information will help o ur specialists to choose for you the best telephonic solution.

Choose a pricing option

The price of the services will completely depend on the requirements you have. We also have complex services that allow you to obtain several services at the same time. Tell us your needs, and we will choose the best option for you.

Service delivery

Right after you are decided on your goals and pricing option, we will start the work. During the work process, we will always stay in touch so you will always be updated on the progress.

Make your business better with Inter Astra

Inter Astra provides first-class IT services for every client because we know what is important for each of you.


We appreciate your time, and we know how to save it. That is why we automated all the processes and provided you personalized services.


Our services will make your business able to not overspend on technical questions, while the productivity will keep growing.


With Managed IT services, you can always be sure that the technical part of your company is working safely, and well.

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