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Custom Application Development Services

Your key to success.

Why my company needs Application Development?

The management of your company can be complex sometimes, and the companies that don't have any additional management software usually suffer the most. What can help you in such a situation is software that will automate at least some part of the management of your company and will organize your team.

Inter Astra took care of this problem and started the delivery of custom applicati ons for corporate clients. We deliver applications for any kind of business and complete any of your requirements.

The specialist from our company will analyze your company, define weak spots and turn them into strong ones, with the help of customized app lication development.

To obtain a customized application for your company, fill in the form, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

What Application Development services do we offer?

Mobile applications

Our mobile applications allow you to manage the entire company with your phone, which is a perfect option for busy people. We develop both Android and iOS applications and consider all your requirements.

Web Applications

If your company performs more serious processes and requires more capability we offer you Web Applications that will become the most convenient solution for the management of your company. Our developers are using the C#, .Net, LAMP stack, Laravel, Code Igniter, Cake framework, and more technologies to make your work more comfortable and efficient.

Business Portals

For your business, we can develop a perfect cooperation solution. Business Portal will help you to connect with your customers or partners in a more effective and comfortable manner.

How do I obtain Custom Application Development services?

The software that you use for the management of your company is the key to more efficient work. To obtain the application development service from Inter Astra you should follow the next steps:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Define your goals

To make a good application for you, we need to know what goals you want to reach and what resources do you need for it. After we know your requirements, we will be able to make a good development strategy.

Tell us about your company

Tell our specialists what technical resources you already have and which are needed. Also, describe your company and tell me how you and your employees work. Basing on this we will understand where we need to move and where we can improve your work.

Service delivery

After we define your needs and goals, we will start the Application Development. Through all the processes you will be able to control the work, add or change your wishes.

Make your business better with Inter Astra

Inter Astra provides first-class IT services for every client because we know what is important for each of you.


We appreciate your time, and we know how to save it. That is why we automated all the processes and provided you personalized services.


Our services will make your business able to not overspend on technical questions, while the productivity will keep growing.


With Managed IT services, you can always be sure that the technical part of your company is working safely, and well.

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