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IT services and computer solutions

Make the work of your business more effective with Inter Astra solutions.

Managed IT services from Inter Astra

Experience high-quality services from Inter Astra, which will improve and simplify your IT management system. Our team has over 500 experienced workers that will support and help you with any kind of issue or question related to business IT

Technical support

Any issue that can happen to the system is solvable with our support team. Our specialists work 24/7 to resolve any question or doubt. All professionals are trained and will give you the exact instructions on how to solve your issue.

Remote support

If you are not willing to resolve technical questions yourself, our remote support team will help you. Attach your system to the remote specialist that will always be supervising your computer and resolve any issues that appear.

Server Management

For productive work, you always have to keep your software and OS updated. But sometimes, because of lack of time, we can't remember to revise all the updates. Our company offers you full supervision of your software with updates on time.

Network Management

The Managed IT services of our company include constant monitoring of your network. We will automatically find and report all the failures that happened on your devices. And the technicians will fix all the issues that have happened.

System's backup and recovery

With all the dangers that happen to businesses today, you always should have your data protected. With the backup services from Inter Astra, you will be able to save the important data and recover it if it gets lost.

Software Management

Managing software can be a very challenging task sometimes, especially if your company is not yet technically developed. Our specialists will find, evaluate, and install all kinds of software to your system, so you don't have to worry about it.

Why should you obtain a Managed IT solution for your company?

The majority of companies today require Managed IT Solutions for their work. Here are the benefits that you will get with Inter Astra services.

High work efficiency

With IT management from Inter Astra, your system will work fast and without any fail. We will take care of all the technical questions and give you more time to focus on the business.

Lower costs

Using the professional management of your business, you will notice a significant reduction in spendings. Make sure you are not overspending on the technological part of your company.

Software updates

Regular updates of your software will not just make the work more efficient but also protect your system. Obtain professional help from Inter Astra to make updates in time.

New opportunities

Business IT solutions will give you the needed free time for the development of new ideas and projects. Focus on new opportunities, and we will focus on your business IT management.

In-house or Outsource management?

While making a choice between in-house and outsource management, you should carefully analyze all the advantages and disadvantages of both methods of work.

Companies that use outsource management services in 97% of cases see positive results and significant progress in their work. The costs of IT management lower and the efficiency of work increases, giving the company new opportunities for business growth.

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How do I obtain Inter Astra managed IT services?

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Step 3

Step 4

Get to know the pricing

Inter Astra has suitable pricing options for different kinds of businesses. Choose a suitable monthly plan or obtain a personalized pricing option for your company.

Get to know pricing options.

Assign your goals

To obtain quality business IT services, you should clarify your goals and wishes. Our specialists will analyze them, compare them with your current situation, and create a perfect solution for your company.

Tell us about your company

To make a successful analysis, we have to know how your company works. For this, our specialists will analyze your working environment, your level of technological development and will revise your documentation.

Service delivery

After analyzing your company and creating suitable solutions for your business, we contact you in any comfortable way to discuss the details of your company development and cooperation together.

Make your business better with Inter Astra

Inter Astra provides first-class IT services for every client because we know what is important for each of you.


We appreciate your time, and we know how to save it. That is why we automated all the processes and provided you personalized services.


Our services will make your business able to not overspend on technical questions, while the productivity will keep growing.


With Managed IT services, you can always be sure that the technical part of your company is working safely, and well.

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