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Business management has never been so simple.

Develop your business with technologies of the future from Inter Astra

Make your business work effectively and secure with premium services.

Managed IT Services

In the century of constantly-moving technologies, it is a pretty hard task for businesses to manage a computer area. And the mission of our company is to help you solve this task.

Business phone system

Our services include exceptional telephonic solutions for your business. Get advice from our professionals and choose the best telephonic system for your companies’ communications.

Cyber Security

The essential and the most important aspect of every business is cybersecurity. With the risks that appear today in the digital world your company always has to be protected from cybercrime.

Cloud IT Services

Back up all the important data to the cloud and be sure that it is always safe. Our specialists will take care of choosing the right software and transferring all your data to the cloud.

IT Consulting

Want to know how to improve your business with IT? Our specialists are always ready to analyze and advise you on any question.

Application development

Your business will work more efficiently and bring more results with a right software. Manage your business with a custom applications that will satisfy all your needs.

Tell us what bothers you and we will give you the solution

I’m afraid that my computer system will be hacked

Not sure if your business is well-protected from cybercrime? Don’t worry. We will analyze your security system and implement a perfect solution that will help to secure your data.

I have a lack of technological development

Our specialists have years of experience in the business IT area. They will precisely analyze your technical situation and offer you the most convenient solution.

My business is not working well

One of the most common companies’ problems is a lack of management knowledge. Let us help you with this task and implement the best IT management strategies for your business.

Get to know our company

The work of Inter Astra was always dedicated to business improvement in the IT area. To achieve the best result for every client we included in our team IT specialists, management experts, economists, technicians, and much more. Today Inter Astra has over 500 employees which are working and improving their professionalism every day in order to satisfy the business of every client.

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What do our customers say about us

"I was really impressed with the work of my team. This company is the best in the IT area"

“For a long time, my business was not moving. But when the guys started to work on it, I got an amazing project offer! Thank you!”

"The computer system of my company recently got hacked, and all my business could fall. But thanks to these guys I saved my business and got multi-level protection"

“Your IT managers are the best! The computer routine does not bother me anymore and I can work on more important stuff”

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