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IT Consulting

Become a leader on the market with IT Consulting services from Inter Astra.

Why IT Consulting is important for my business?

Today technologies take a very important place in the work of every company. All the big enterprises are looking for ways to improve their technologies. And if you are not developed as much as they are, your business can suffer some significant losses.

That is why, if you own a company, you have to learn about technologies and implement them in your business.

At Inter Astra we provide for our clients a list of consulting services that will help your business to grow. Our specialists have deep knowledge in the technology area, and they easily can resolve any issue or answer your question.

Contact us today and learn how you can develop your company using technologies. The professionals from our team will provide you with a free consultation and will guide you on the consulting services.

IT Consulting Services from Inter Astra

Our consulting services focus on several aspects and give solutions to the different sides of your business. Check out which consulting services we offer.

IT strategies

The most important aspect that you need is the strategy for your business. Now, when the technologies are developing extremely fast, you always have to be prepared to adapt your work to new realities.

The specialists from Inter Astra will provide you with an IT strategy that will help you to strengthen your business and make it resistant to any technological changes.


Learn how to spend less on your IT maintenance. A lot of companies are spending thousands of dollars on the technologies of their companies while they can easily reduce the costs with our financial advice.

Contact our specialists, and they will guide you on how to spend less on IT maintenance and how to automate the technological processes in your company.


Your hardware and software must be working properly and have no fail in their functioning. For this, you must always be revising your system constantly and fix the errors immediately.

Our specialists will make a deep analysis of your company, and provide you with assistance in all technical aspects of your business.

IT Security

As you know, the development of technologies brings a lot of potential dangers for your IT. Luckily, Inter Astra has IT Security services that will help you to protect valuable data and prevent any kind of breaches.

We use the best protection software for the businesses of our clients because we know how important it is to work safely.

Cloud services and data transfers

To save finances and time, a lot of enterprises decide to keep all their data on clouds. This method is convenient as it provides you more privacy and security. But it is very important to choose the right cloud service to keep your data there.

Inter Astra will assist you in all the data transfer process, starting with the search of software and ending with data migration.

Disaster Recovery and Backup

In case of any incident that can happen to your business, you have to know how to recover the losses. Therefore, you must have a service that will help you to recover all the data and resources that you have lost.

The specialists from Inter Astra will help you to recover the losses and put the work of your company on track with minimum losses.

Custom Application development

If you want to make your business work efficiently you need to have good management software. Today it is quite popular to use management applications that will help you to run all the processes from one place.

Our company will build for you a custom application that will meet all your exact needs and will make the work much easier.

Advantages of having a Business IT Consulting

IT Consulting is a way for your company to become the best on the market. Implement technologies to make your business grow.


With a professional consultation and deep knowledge of our specialists, you will be able to improve the work of your employees and bring your company to the next level.

Faster work

After the consultations of our experts, you will understand how to work the IT processes and will know how to deal with them successfully.


Get to know how to protect your company from any cybercrime. Our specialists will provide you with the necessary information and protection software.


Knowing how to use IT systems efficiently, you will be able to significantly reduce the maintaining costs. Follow the advice of professionals and save money.

New experience

Work with the team of Inter Astra will give your team new knowledge and IT skills. Therefore, future work will be much more productive.


The help of an external company will allow you to learn new ways of management and work, which will open more possibilities and bring new ideas.

Do I really need It Consulting for my company?

Inter Astra company focuses on the development of your business. That is why we will provide you a full range of consulting services. It will include not just assistance on your existing projects but the strategies and planning of future work.

What exactly will give you the IT Consulting from Inter Astra?

IT strategies

You and your employees will have an exact plan of where your company is movingand what requires the process of development.


During all the business development process, you will have support andguidance, so you will always know what to do.


For you, we provide all the needed resources like management software,security, recovery programs, and more.

Make your business better with Inter Astra

Inter Astra provides first-class IT services for every client because we know what is important for each of you.


We appreciate your time, and we know how to save it. That is why we automated all the processes and provided you personalized services.


Our services will make your business able to not overspend on technical questions, while the productivity will keep growing.


With Managed IT services, you can always be sure that the technical part of your company is working safely, and well.

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