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Cybersecurity services

Protect your company from cyber threats with Inter Astra.

What Cybersecurity Services we offer for your business?

Our company provides Cybersecurity strategies and solutions for businesses of all areas, not depending on the size.

Cybersecurity Analysis

Our specialists will make a deep analysis of your business IT, revision of your network will find a possible vulnerability, and give you the solution of their protection. Also, we provide our clients a quality protection software that will prevent you from any future issues.

Phishing Prevention

To protect you and your workers from phishing attacks, we provide specialized training. Our cybersecurity experts will explain to you the principles of work of phishing attacks, their detection, and how to fight them.

Multi-factor Authentication

With the progress of cybercrime, you must be sure that you are protecting enough the network and accounts of all the companies. Now, apart from the strong passwords, it is necessary to use multi-factor authentication to protect your accounts from hacking.

Malware detection and Antivirus

The damages that your business can suffer from malware can be fatal. The computer experts from Inter Astra will scan your network, detect all possible dangers including malware, and assist you in installing protection software.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Professionally made hacker attacks can easily pass the antivirus and get to your system. The Endpoint Detection and Response from Inter Astra gives you a complete 24/7 supervision of your system and immediately fights all the suspicious actions.

Cybersecurity system

A cybersecurity system is a perfect solution for all businesses that use technologies. When the work is mainly built on technologies it is fundamentally important to protect them from external dangers. In the last year, 65% of businesses worldwide confirmed that their company became a victim of cybercrime. The most vulnerable areas of work were:

  • Healthcare
  • IT & Telecoms
  • Legal
  • HR & Recruitment
  • Finance

Last years had shown that the cybersecurity of many companies is not strong enough and that becomes a problem for a lot of enterprises. At Inter Astra we have specially-developed strategies that are focused particularly on the cyber protection of your IT system.

Cybersecurity Mistakes that can ruin your Business

A lot of companies are neglecting the cybersecurity rules or just are not acknowledged their importance. As a result, more than half of the world's businesses are suffering from cyberattacks and lose millions of dollars recovering. So why this happens? Here are the most popular cybersecurity mistakes that business owners commit.

Lack of knowledge

Most companies are not focusing a lot of attention on teaching employees about cybersecurity. That is why a lot of companies are vulnerable even to the simplest cyberattacks like phishing or spam.

Not updating the software

Software updates are one of the most important aspects of cybersecurity. Installing a new version of the program, you are reducing the risk that the criminal will use the old version vulnerabilities to reach your system.

Wrong management

Every worker should have his particular duties. The management of the network has to be only done by the admin. When the duties of admin can be done by any other employee, it increases the risk of viruses and other malware.

Absence of backup/span>

Not all businesses take care of a backup plan. But if your company does not have a backup and recovery plan, you are risking to lose all the important data stored on your system without the opportunity to get it back.

How do I obtain Cybersecurity services from Inter Astra?

Our company offers you a wide range of Cybersecurity services and consultations. We are carefully analyzing the computer systems of every client and give exact guidance on how to make them better.

If you have doubts about the Cybersecurity system of your company, we are always ready to help you and give you the assistance that you need.

The future cooperation with every client has several steps:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Defining your needs

Tell us about your expectations and what results of the Cybersecurity system you want to see. Our specialists will not just complete your requirements but they will also guide you and advise the best solutions for your business.

Choosing a pricing option

For our clients, we made flexible pricing politics. Therefore, you can choose the services that will be the most convenient for you financially. Our experts will carefully revise your cybersecurity situation and will give you a comfortable solution.


To provide you with a quality service, we need to analyze very well your company and its cybersecurity condition. Our experts will find all the vulnerabilities and choose the most convenient offer for your business.

Service delivery

After we have all the necessary information about your company, we are ready to start work. We will get in touch with you in any comfortable way and discuss the details. Very soon you will see the result.

Why Cybersecurity services are so important?

If you have a business you probably have to deal a lot with technologies and the most important data today is stored on computers. But today the safety of all the corporate networks is in danger because cybercrime activities are developing extremely fast.

Of course, you can try to protect your network by yourself, but you also have to understand that the complex protection provided by a professional will give you much more security and will prevent a lot of problems in the future.

Why the criminals would hack my company?

The variety of reason why the hackers would like to break into your system is focusing on several main aspects:


Steal valuable data for selling it


Extort your business


Jeopardize the work of the company

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Make your business better with Inter Astra

Inter Astra provides first-class IT services for every client because we know what is important for each of you.


We appreciate your time, and we know how to save it. That is why we automated all the processes and provided you personalized services.


Our services will make your business able to not overspend on technical questions, while the productivity will keep growing.


With Managed IT services, you can always be sure that the technical part of your company is working safely, and well.

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